Prepaid Rental Listing Service

Description of Business

A Prepaid Rental Listing Service (PRLS) license is required for the business of supplying prospective tenants with listings of residential real property for tenancy while collecting a fee at the same time or in advance of when the listings are supplied. Negotiation of the rental of property is not a part of this activity.

Actions Taken Against Unlicensed Prepaid Rental Listing Service Activities

View the Unlicensed Prepaid Rental Listing Service Activities listing of persons or entities that have been issued a Desist and Refrain Order. If further information about a Prepaid Rental Listing Service Company is required, please check with the nearest DRE Enforcement Office.

How to Apply for a PRLS License

An individual real estate broker or a corporation may obtain, without examination, a two-year license to conduct PRLS activities. Applicants must complete and submit:

Persons completing an Unlicensed Officer Questionnaire (RE 273) Denotes a PDF document in conjunction with a Corporation License Application (RE 272) Denotes a PDF document are required to submit proof of fingerprinting. Application requirements pertain to each location to be operated by the PRLS licensee.

An additional location license is required for each location (other than the main office) from which PRLS activities will be conducted. To license an additional location, applicants must complete and submit an Additional Location Application (RE 274) Denotes a PDF document; either a fully completed Surety Bond (RE 270), please call (877) 3734542 to obtain this form, or Cash Deposit Security (RE 275) Denotes a 
            PDF document; and a license fee for each location being requested.

Additionally, PRLS activities at each location must be under the direct supervision of either a PRLS licensee (individual or licensed officer) or designated agent; however, a licensed individual, licensed officer or designated agent may not simultaneously supervise more than one location at a time.

A Designated Agent Application (RE 256) Denotes a PDF document must be completed, signed, and returned by each designated agent applicant in conjunction with each Additional Location Application (RE 274) Denotes a PDF document. Proof of fingerprinting taken by a live scan service provider for each designated agent applicant must be submitted (see Fingerprint Requirements).

See also Child Support Obligors.

Approved Contract

Prior to issuance of the PRLS license, applicants must submit and have approved by the DRE a contract to be entered into between the licensee and client/prospective tenant.

Real Estate Brokers / PRLS Activities

A real estate broker is not required to hold a PRLS license in order to conduct a PRLS business at his/her licensed location(s). Such a broker is, however, required to use a contract approved in advance by DRE. Either the broker or a salesperson affiliated with the broker must be designated to supervise the PRLS activities.

For further information, contact:

Department of Real Estate
P.O. Box 137000
Sacramento, CA 95813-7000

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