First Home California

First Home California
Are you ready to buy your first home? Maybe you're not quite ready to buy yet, but you want to start getting all your pieces in place. Maybe buying your first home is still a distant dream, but you want to start learning about the process.

No matter your situation, you've landed in the right place.

DRE has developed the First Home California program to give first time homebuyers like you the basic information you'll need so you'll be ready for what's likely the largest financial investment you'll ever make.

Some of the topics covered here are based on complaints filed with DRE. So, take your time to explore the information.
First Home California

>Top Tips

>The Homebuying Process: Step-By-Step

>Finding a Real Estate Agent

>Who's Who

>Applying for a Home Loan and Financial Assistance Programs

>Mortgage Discrimination

>Signs of Potential Fraud

>Glossary of Terms


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