Out-of-State Applicants

Examinee Information

Each applicant must qualify for the appropriate written examination in California and meet all other requirements. Residency in the state is not a requirement to become licensed. California has no reciprocity with any other state to allow a waiver of any of the requirements to obtain a license.

In applying for the real estate broker or salesperson examination, evidence of completion (i.e. transcripts) of the statutory courses in out-of-state institutions is acceptable if the institution is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or a comparable regional accrediting entity, and each course provided for three semester-units credit or four quarter-units credit.

Courses completed through foreign institutions of higher learning must be evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation service approved by the Department of Real Estate. See Examination Applicant Foreign Education Information (RE 223) Denotes a PDF document..

Unless prior approval has been granted by the California Real Estate Commissioner, no private vocational real estate school outside the State of California may grant credit for the required pre-license courses.

License Applicant Information

Out-of-state residents must file a Consent to Service of Process (RE 234) Denotes a PDF document. with the California Department of Real Estate. This form must be completed, signed, notarized, and submitted to the DRE with the original or renewal application.

Brokers must maintain a California business address if engaging in business in California. If not engaging in business in California, brokers must also file an Out-of-State Broker Acknowledgement (RE 235) Denotes a PDF document..

Salespersons must be licensed with a California broker if engaging in business in California.

Applicants for a California real estate license must submit one set of classifiable fingerprints, acceptable to the State Department of Justice (DOJ).

Applicants who reside outside of California must submit their fingerprints directly to the DRE. A fingerprint card (FBI Applicant FD-258 Rev 3/10) will be provided to all out-of-state applicants with the original license application. It should be taken to a local law enforcement agency for completion. The appropriate fingerprint fee must be submitted to the DRE with the completed fingerprint card, original license application, and license fee.

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