Escrow Activity Reporting

Escrow Activity Reporting Information

Brokers who are exempt from the Escrow Law (California Financial Code Section 17006) and who engage in broker-controlled escrow activities for five or more transactions in a calendar year or whose escrow activities equal or exceed $1,000,000 in a calendar year will meet the escrow threshold and will, therefore, have to submit an Escrow Activity Report, RE 890 (Business and Professions Code Section 10141.6).

The report is due within 60 days after the end of the calendar year in which the broker met the escrow threshold. It is an online submission form.

A broker who fails to submit the Escrow Activity Report is subject to a penalty of $50 per day for each day the report has not been received by the Department, up to and including the 30th day. On and after the 31st day, the penalty is $100 per day, not to exceed a total of $10,000. In addition, the broker is subject to disciplinary action against his or her license(s).

Escrow Activity Report Instructions

Enter information for the calendar year in which the escrow threshold was met. (Note: The threshold is five or more broker-controlled escrow transactions or broker-controlled escrow activities equal to or exceeding $1,000,000.)

  • Escrow Activity:
    • Calendar year in which the escrow threshold was met
    • Number of escrows conducted
    • Dollar volume of escrowed transactions

      (Note that "dollar volume of escrowed transactions" is the total dollar amount of all funds escrowed. The reported dollar volume should not be limited to solely fees collected by the broker for conducting escrows.)
  • Escrow Locations:
    • Address and telephone number at each location at which broker-controlled escrow activities occurred
  • Escrow Officers:
    • Total number of escrow officers
    • For each escrow officer:
      • Legal name
      • DRE license number (if applicable)
      • Mailing address
      • Email address
      • Whether or not the escrow officer has been barred from any real estate-related business activity
      • Whether or not the escrow officer has been convicted of any misdemeanors or felonies
  • Escrow Accounts:
    • Number of trust accounts held by the broker for escrow activities
    • For each trust/bank account:
      • Account number
      • Name of financial institution
      • Signatory information – including name, DRE license number (if applicable), and fidelity bond coverage (if applicable)

When the report has been completed, complete the certification and click "Submit".

To continue a saved report, select the appropriate report and click "Amend" to proceed.

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