Problems Using DRE Forms

Q. - Why do I get the error message, "JavaScript error on line 2: aa.setFocus is not a function," when I open some DRE forms?

A. - This error message indicates that you are using an older version of Adobe Reader, one that doesn't support some of the functions used in our forms. All of our fill-in forms were created using Adobe Reader version 4.05, and you'll need the same version (or better) of Adobe Reader to use them. You can tell which version is installed on your system by clicking on Help, then About Adobe Reader, while in the application. The window that is displayed will show the version in the upper left-hand corner. You can download a free copy of the latest version of Adobe Reader by going to their website.

Q. - Why am I experiencing problems downloading the forms?

A. - You could be experiencing problems for various reasons:

  • Your phone line. Your phone line could be unclear.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP might be experiencing a lot of traffic.
  • Web traffic. DRE's Web site might be experiencing a lot of traffic.
  • Browser problems. Are you sure your browser is working properly? We test the form downloads on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. There may be other browsers which do not handle the downloads properly.
  • Can't make connection? Occasionally, the server is temporarily unavailable for various reasons. If you can't access it, please come back later.
  • Communication line problems. Sometimes the downloaded data can be corrupted by interference in your communication line. Try another download and the file may be OK.

Q. - Does DRE have an FTP site?

A. - No

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