Federal and State Agencies/Resources

Federal Agencies

Consumer Protection Information
Information on FHA Loans, Consumer Disclosures, Loan Servicing and the Latest HUD News
Regulation of National Banks
Regulation of Savings Institutions
Find Information on Consumer Protection, Monetary Policy and More
Guidelines, Tools and Resources in the Home Buying Process
Junk Faxes or Other Complaints Related to Radio, TV, Satellite or Cable
The Main U.S. Government Web Site
Financial Education for Consumers

State Agencies

Information on Finance Lenders, Mortgage Bankers, Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, Escrow Companies and more
Check Out Your Builder or Other Contractor
Information on Structural Pest Control Services
State Chartered Banks, Savings Institutions and Credit Unions
Check Out Your Insurance Broker or Agent
Landlord/Tenant Information and Much More
Find a Real Estate Appraiser or Check One Out
First Time Home Buyer and Home Ownership Information
Information on Legislators and What's Happening in Your Legislature
California's Main Home Page
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