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NBC News Bay Area
By Chris Chmura, Arlen Fernandez, Eduardo Perez Parra, Joe Rojas, and James Jackson - November 17, 2018
As Fast-growing Real Estate Wire Fraud Scams Target More Victims, NBC Bay Area Finds Flaw in Cyber-Security

Washington Post Article
By Eugene Volokh - December 20, 2016
Arizona real estate agent runs afoul of California authorities — so he gets Arizona order that leads to Google deindexing the California order - The Washington Post

NOTEBOOK:Tips to avoid being scammed
By Debra Gruszecki – Press Enterprise.com – September 17, 2014
The California Department of Real Estate has just put out an advisory to help consumers and senior citizens avoid taking the bait on real estate fraud for home loans, rentals, time shares and property recordings.

New Tool to fight San Diego rental scam
By Ed Lenderman – KUSI News – July 25, 2014
Realtors joined District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and State Real Estate Commissioner Wayne Bell in saying that there's a proliferation of victims in San Diego of rental scam going on across the country.

San Diego Realtors' Group Warns Against Rental Fraud
By Dwane Brown – KPBS.org – July 25,2014
There's a new tool to fight the rise of real estate and rental fraud in San Diego. At a press conference Friday, the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors announced they are now giving out stickers for the windows of vacant homes that will make it clear to potential buyers that the home is not for rent.

Can a Simple Sticker Help You Lick Real-Estate Fraudsters?
By Ken Stone – Times of San Diego – July 25, 2014
Get a sticker; stop a fraudster. That's the message of the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors, which Friday unveiled a new tool for fighting real estate and rental fraud in San Diego — a small red-and-black sticker.

Personal Finance: Beware, mortgage scammers on the rise again
By Claudia Buck – The Sacramento Bee – July 28, 2014
For years, it was "the Wild West" of real estate scams. As the housing crisis pummeled struggling homeowners, scammers pounced.

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